Monday, December 5, 2011

We have done it!

We have our first possible order!  YEAH!!! We are doing the Snoopy dance.  We had a bride contact us last week and we told her how we did things and she call tonight and wants us to make a sample for is so exciting!  So this week we will sit down with her theme and colors and come up with a wedding announcement for her. So maybe this is going to work out after all. We are still going to try some different venues to help get our name out there.  Wish us luck and keep us in your thoughts that this is a great start.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bridal Expo update

Well I promised to post pictures from the hear we go...

As you can see we had a good time.  We have received our list and have sent out letters...hopefully we will get a response from some of them...we ended up with 560 names.  We thought that we would never get all the names in our internet database.  

We are trying to come up with some new ideas on how to market ourselves...we did a radio promo last Friday on KRZA, out of girlfriend, Frankie, does a program the last Friday of the month about community was fun!  Jeaneen was a little apprehensive about talking on the radio but she did great!  It was a half hour program and we talked about the business and the leading edge class...why we started the business and how it got was fun thinking of all the ideas we had in the beginning and the path we wanted to go down.  Unfortunately the path is not always cut in stone and we have to branch off to get it to work.  

Well I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving...we sure did...will post again soon! Take care!

~ Anna ~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great Bridal Expo was wonderful!

Sunday was the Great Bridal Expo in Denver.  We arrived early as we needed to have the girls, Sarah and Lydia there at was nice to be able to drink in everything quietly before all the noise and exhibitors hit.  We put our booth together, took to much stuff but if we hadn't had it, we would of needed it, so better to have it and not use it. It took us a little over an hour to get everything was funny, we were done and relaxing while everyone else was frantically trying to get it together.  We walked around.....found a Starbucks and a quiet spot to gather our thoughts for the day.....we changed into our clothes and as we walked out we heard comments on our matching outfits...we had bought teal skirts, white blouses and lavender purple and teal are our business colors...we had our logo embroidered on our jacket lapel.....really nice.....I will post pictures later.  We spoke with 118 brides but there were over 300 was amazing to see that many people in one place. It was a fun day.  Since it was our first trade show so we had no idea on what to expect.....the booth next to us.....they were from New Mexico and had done trade shows before and they said it was a good turn we feel like it will be good for us.....what we did expect was for the brides to place orders with us but we were no orders but we did get some leads.....which is good.....most of the girls are at least a year away from their weddings.....only 3 were having it within the next 2 months.....all in all it was AMAZING! When we got to our room that night we both looked at each other and started laughing as we both looked frazzled.....we were tired but not we went and ate and then came back to the room and sat at our computers and decided how we were going to proceed.  So please go to our and check us out.....we hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heart~in~Hand Cards' website is complete!

The Website is done! YEAH!!!!! Check out,, and give us your feedback. Want to give a BIG thank you to my nephew, Uriah for all his hard work...couldn't of done it without him!

We are only 2 weeks away from the Great Bridal Expo in Denver...there is still a lot to finish up but we are getting there. Getting extremely excited about it but also stressed.  Want to thank my nieces, Lydia and Sarah for helping us out with the Expo...they are going to be ushers at the Expo...they should have a great time and lots of fun.

Wish to thank all our friends and family who have encouraged us and supported us during this time! We love you all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heart~in~Hand Cards website is almost there

Our website is almost done! Yeah! Many thanks is due to my nephew, Uriah...he is amazing! For now to find us your search engine put in...Heart~in~Hand Cards "AJ's Solo Impressions"...this should let you view us now...this will change once we get the  Thanks to all for your support and encouragement.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heart~in~Hand Cards Update

Heart~in~Hand Cards will have a booth at the Denver Great Bridal Expo in October.  We are really excited!  This will be a first for Jeaneen and myself.  Check out Great Bridal Expo's website at  and view us on their vendor list.

We have added some Birth Announcements, Graduation Announcement and more Wedding Announcements to our website; check them out at  We will be adding new items all the time so please keep checking back. 

Happy Blogging

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello from Heart~in~Hand

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers! This all new to me so bare with me as I get started blogging. We are a new company just starting and we would like for you to visit our website at or visit our facebook page at Heart~in~Hand Cards and like us.

A little bit about our company~my sister-in-law, Jeaneen and myself have been stamping for over 30 years.  We started out just doing it for ourselves  and then when Jeaneen's son was getting married and they priced wedding announcements in stores or at our local printing shop, they were appalled at the prices. So the kids asked her to design their wedding announcements. This is what she did for them.

Our niece saw them and ask if we could do her wedding announcements and this is what we did for her.

After we did these 2 weddings, people told us we should go into business...well we drug our feet for a little while and then decided to take the plunge and this is how AJ's Solo Impressions, LLC came about.  We are excited to be up and running.

On our website you will notice some blank pages...we are working on cards to fill these come back as we will be adding new items on a regular basis.

Well thank you for visiting with us...we appreciate you taking time out of your day.  Stop by our website,,  to see all our wedding cards we have done, also to take our Wedding Survey.

Happy Blogging